News in UK about how youth are making their voices been heard

After Brexit referendum in the UK in 2016, some youth didn’t feel represented and civil organisations worked together in focus groups across the UK to find out what young people 13 to 30 think and feel about Brexit, and what they want out of the Brexit process. It was find out that “young people under 18 felt deprived of a voice and overwhelmingly said that if they could, they would have voted to remain. Secondly, young people expressed dissatisfaction that the oldest generations (65+) should have such a disproportionate influence on the futures of the youngest citizens.

The main objective of these initiatives is to ensure that youth visions for post-Brexit Britain are reflected in the process of leaving the European Union. Young British don’t feel thier voices have been taken into consideration during this process and now they want to make sure they take part in future discussions.

This is a good example of a youth platform engaging hundreds of UK-wide young people that demonstrates the importance and impact of young voices. They have initiated relationships with cross-party MPs and Lords, the Department for Exiting the European Union, the European Council Taskforce 50, European Commission, European Parliament and European Youth Forum, and relevant Committees both in the UK and the EU.

WYRED platform provides a safe space for discussions, debates and research where young people can raise their voices not only about politics but any other topics they care about in our constant changing society through a digital world, and brings youth messages to those who need to listen to them.

A Better Brexit for Young People