Gender stereotypes and equality on Internet

When? 24 February to 8 March

Do you know which is a stereotype? According to the Cambridge Dictionary a stereotype is a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like, especially an idea that is wrong. Can you share examples that you can find on Internet? Do you think that people from different cultures perceive stereotypes in the same way than you?

In this activity we are going to find images that communicate gender stereotypes, both as to females, males, intersex. The idea is to identify differences between stereotypes in real and online lives.

Gender stereotypes: In contrast to biological gender (“sex”), social gender is understood to mean social or culturally determined gender roles and gender relations. These are general ideas and expectations of how women and men are or should be, like gender-specific attributions of behaviour, interests, competences or attitudes which are interwoven with hierarchies and social power relations. Gender stereotypes refer to everything that is considered typical of a particular gender in a culture. It is criticised that such stereotypes leave no room for variety or individuality.

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