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The project summary

Internet use has become widespread as well as developing technology. Internet takes up time exceedingly in the life of children at any age. While children see internet from a different perspective as an amusement technology, in fact internet leaves a negative lasting impression in children’s daily life. Children should be brought up and socialised in a natural environment, however, they are surrounded with digital platform. So children cannot be socialised accurately and they experience some problems related to behavioural processes. One of the most crucial basic reasons of these problems is social media. YouTube as one of social media’s products is used maximum by children. They regularly follow YouTube where a wide variety of videos are shared. These videos have never been checked so many negative features of them influence children’s behaviours directly as a result of this; children take these manners as a role model without differentiating right or wrong.


Appendix 1: Student interview questions

Appendix 2 Parents interview questions




The world made acquainted with internet as ‘World Wide Web’ in 1991. The numbers of hosts were increasing each year. In 1994 the numbers of sites in internet reached to ten thousand, the count of host became three million and entrepreneurs realized that a bright new bonanza as a great income chance was on the way. So investments to technology were increasing gradually because of this case.

In April 2013, Turkish Statistical Institute for the first time expanded Informatics Technologies Usages for Household Survey’s scope and included 06-15 aged children in the search. In this survey children start to use the internet at the age of 10. The percentage of internet use is % 50, 8. This rate increases incrementally each year. (Tusi).

In today’ world, technology was integrated to the life of humankind because of the impact of globalization. One of the most common usages of technology is social media. Social media is a platform that individuals utilize relatively and also fashion it into form of their life. Social media is one of the idealist platforms since it renews itself continuously, and also it is accessible to reciprocal communication. On the other hand, most of the people share their personal information & videos, exchange of opinions in social media so they transfer the real world into the cyber world. (Vural, 2010). This case becomes attractive to humankind thus prompts them to use social media actively every passing day. Some of social media networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Flickr, Myspace, Foursquare, Bebo e.g. The use of social media networks have become the part of our life, the numbers of users have been increasing every passing day. In the survey realized in the year of 2018, Facebook became rank first with 2.2 billion users as the most used social network. YouTube became rank second with 1.9 billion users. Instagram also became rank third 800 million users. (Değirmenci, 2018). One of the most important use reasons is to be able to reach all the people on only one network. Also one of the most common platforms is YouTube that has been formed with this purpose. YouTube is a channel where users watch videos and at the same time they have an opportunity to upload their own video clips. Humankind transfers that case into occasion thus ‘’YouTuber’’ concept becomes an indispensable part of our life. Even with the digitalization world, being a YouTuber becomes an occupation. At the end of the agreement made between Turkish employment agency & Google, YouTubers trainings has already begun. (Ateş, 2017). If YouTubers reach a superior limit of ‘’likes’’, they can earn more than 10 thousand TL monthly as a result of their videos that they have produced. Thus, if YouTubers’ numbers of subscribers decrease, they can give place to nonsense contents in order to attract audiences. Unfortunately, they become attractive for the children who are not aware of the danger. Recently following the YouTube has been indispensable passion for the students who are in 11 and 15 year olds. YouTube has become a role model that affects students’ words they use, their dressing style, friendship relations, and moral attitude. YouTube impact is relatively penetrating into the children who are adolescent so unfortunately they can be affected so negatively that it will be really hard to cure them in the future. However, YouTube sometimes can leave a good impression on individuals. But still the popularity of YouTubers among students causes language disorders of students, disappearing of their thought and analysis ability. In fact, they can be sociopaths. Thus, YouTubers can be a threat risk for students who are adolescent. The purpose of this project is revealing the impacts of YouTube that is one of the most common social media networks today and YouTubers produce video contents via interviewing with parents and students who are between 12 and 14 years old.



In this survey, focus group interview will be realized via using interview method as gathering data form.

 During the interview method, parents and students will be interviewed face to face and obtained findings will be examined. In the direction of these interviews, themes and concepts will be revealed. Separate codes will be given to students and parents. The interviewers who give similar answers will be grouped in the frame of themes. The questions and taken answers during the interviews were shortened and presented in Appendix – 1 and Appendix – 2. Informed consent form will be taken from the interviewers. In the consent form, the survey’s purpose, the content of the survey, based on voluntariness are specified to the interviewers and also it is remarked that the interviewer is allowed not to join to the survey in case he/she does not want or he can leave the survey of his/her own volition. Signature is taken from the person to assure that he/she joins to the survey with his/her own wish without any oppression. Parents’ signatures are taken for the children who are younger than 18.


2.1. Study group



Interviews realized with the sudents at secondary school and their parents in the district of Halkalı. This interview was conducted to the 16 students, 7 of them were boys, and 9 of them were girls. This interview form was conducted to the students who were between 12-14 years. % 50 of them were 12 years old, % 43,75 of them were 13 years old, % 6,25 of them were 14 years old. This interview form was conducted to the parents of those 16 students. % 93, 75 of them were women,  % 6, 25 of them were men. % 31, 25 of the parents were 35-40 years old and % 31,25 of them were 41-45 years old and % 37,5 of them were 46-50 years old.


Data Collection Tool  

  The questions which were at Appendix-1 were asked to the students. The questions which were in Appendix-2 were asked to the parents. According to the frequency of the answers obtained from the students and the parents, themes were taken out and frequency table was constituted.11 individual questions at the interview form were asked as the frequency of using the internet, what YouTube meant for them, the most used social media, the most watched channel, the key part of subscriber uptake, if YouTube did not exist what they would do, if the numbers of subscriber were important or not, why they became YouTubers in order to enjoy or earn money, what kind of contents should be produced, if you became a YouTuber what kind of YouTuber they would be, what kind of videos captured their imagination. 7 individual questions in the interview form were asked to the parents as frequency of internet use for their children, if the use of internet check was realized by parents or not, if they introduce the internet to their children at an early age, what YouTube meant for them, what kind of behaviour changes of their children occurred after watching YouTuber videos, the reason of popularity of YouTubers among children, positive and negative features in terms of families.

The semi-structured interview technique was used in order to evaluate the data that obtained at the end of the interviews. The semi-structured technique is not ruleless, in other words, the unstructed interview is ruleless as their questions are not prepared in advance also the semi-structured interview has not got strict rules like the structured interview. (Yıldırım, 2011). The researcher asked the questions taking into consideration the interview form prepared in advance, however, according to the flow of the interwiew in order to obtain more detailed information he asked the questions at a flexible dose.


Data Analysis

One each a code number was given to each student (S1, S2….) explanation was realized. Similar elements in the expressions were grouped and themes were revealed as appropriate for the groups (Yıldırım, 2011).
 One each a code number was given to each parent (P1, P2….) explanation was realized. Similar elements in the expressions were grouped and themes were revealed as appropriate for the groups.  (Yıldırım, 2011).



Table 5: The frequency table of the students’ opinion related to social media

When we examined the frequency table that takes place in the table 5, it was seen that 8 of the students spent more than 2 hours on social media. Expressions are in the following about how often some of the students spend on social media:


3-4 hours (S2, S5), 2-3 hours (S7), 1-2 hours (S3, S13)  declared they spent on social media.


At the same time, students declare that YouTube means enjoyment, comedy, a nonsense Amazing platform,  a cyber environment in which videos are shared and content of knowledge for them. More than % 50 of the students reckon YouTube is an amusing platform. The original expressions of the students are in the following:


‘It is a cyber platform where definite persons shoot videos about a wide variety of significant subjects and share them (S3)’

‘As it is not different from social media and they make people dependent so they prevent them to do other things (S 9)

‘people use them in order to enjoy, it is a plotform where they recreation (S12) ‘’It is a tool to enjoy (S13, S14)


We ask the question as ‘What is the most used social media?’ 10 of them from 16 students answer as YouTube so it takes place on the top’’, however, 6 students prefer using Instagram. Students’ opinions about this subject are in the following:

‘Whichever has your preference changed because of the channel you watch frequently?’ We learn that students watch 16 different channels. In most of the answers we can see their perceptive about their dressing style, thought and game style. Because of YouTube, 6 of the students change their thought way, 2 of the students would like to make a video, one of the students change her dressing style and one of the students change his game understanding. As a result of engaging with YouTube, we detected 10 students experienced metamorphosis.

Their expressions are in the following:


 ‘I watch Nova Prast Back. The content of the channel is about Chernobyl and ghosts, I did not use to believe in them, however, I’ve changed my opinion. I believe in them now (S1)’


‘Jeffrre Star, only my dressing style has changed as he wears this style (S3)

‘Barış Özcan, my thought and dressing style has changed. I used to know13 as an accursed number, my thought has changed about 13 (S12)


 ‘What is the key part of subscriber uptake?’ 4 of the students replied as they should be remarkable, 4 of them answer that they produce nice contents. Also 5 different answers appear as ‘being friendship, remarkable contents they produce, amusing contents, exaggeration of the trends, producing nice content’ some of the opinions are in the following:


 ‘Empathising with people shooting videos faithfully (S2)’ ‘Making contents of videos in a good trim without nonsense behaviours, contents of education or make us amused (S4).’’Producing nice contents for example things that everybody is curious (S5)’


‘If YouTube did not exist, what would you do?’ 3 different answers are revealed for that question as ‘I would find another engagement, I would become socialized, nothing would change’ 6 of the students say that nothing would change, 4 of the students reply that they would find another activity to busy themselves, 3 of the students answer that they would become socialized. Some of the original answers are in the following:


 ‘I would find another activity to do (S1)’’I would watch soap opera, I would busy myself with Instagram (S6)’I would watch videos from different internet platforms (S14).’ ‘My attitudes might have changed. I would tend to my lessons I would become socialized (S3)


 ‘Is the number of subscribers important?’ 2 different answers are obtained to that question % 50 of the students says as yes, % 50 of the students say as no. Some of the answers are in the following:

 ‘Of course it is important, this is their work, if the number of subscribers increases, they will earn money (S1)’. ‘The channels which have got many subscribers are watched as they are liked (S5)’ the number of subscribers is not important, glorified video should be (S13)’ ‘I considerate is not important. The most important thing is the content of the channel because although people usually take into consideration the number of subscribers, I do not agree with them (S6)

‘Would you be a YouTuber to enjoy or just work?’ question was asked to the interviewers. 14 students answer that they would be YouTuber just to enjoy, 2 students said they would be YouTuber to work. Some of the expressions about these opinions are in the following:


 ‘To enjoy.  Because you shoot a video and watch it, it is so amusing (S1).’To enjoy because YouTuber should not be done to work, work should not be for phenomenalism (S3)’’if I choose the option to work, it depends on the money that I would earn because there are people enter upon a career, however, I would be YouTuber to enjoy (S6)’’To enjoy and engage with it at my spare time’(S8).’’Certainly I would be YouTuber to work (S7)


 ‘If you were a YouTuber, what would you do’ question there are 2 answers which has got authentic and content of knowledge. 9 of the students would like to produce videos that have got content of knowledge, 2 of them answered that they would produce authentic videos. Some of the original answers are in the following:


‘I would determine a day for myself, I would watch videos which were not popular, however, they would be candidates to be popular and they would be authentic (S3)‘I would share a video once in the 3 days.I would make changes of which content would not be obvious, I mean it would not be routinized (S9 ).’

‘What kinds of videos catch your attention? ‘Most of the students declared that they liked enjoyable videos. 6 of the students preferred enjoyable videos, 5 of them liked games, 3 of the other students enjoyed critical videos, 2 of them preferred product promotions. Content of enjoy take place near the top.


Table 6: The frequency table of the parents related to their children’s use of social media.






How often do your children use internet?

2 Hours



1-2 Hours






Is internet check realized by parents or not?







Do parents introduce the internet to their children at an early age?

Rol Model



Computer, telephone









What does YouTube mean for them?




People who shoot videos on Youtube.






What kind of behaviour changes of their children occurred after watching YouTuber videos?

Related to makeup



Used word






Being asocial







What is the reason of popularity of YouTubers among children?




Internet Call






Popular Generation-Moda






What are the positive and negative features in terms of families?













Negative and Positive














When we examine the frequency in the Table-6, 4 of the parents say their children use internet 2 hours in a day, 9 of the parents say 1-2 hours, 3 of the parents say their children use internet every day.

 ‘How often does your child use internet?’ question’s answers are in the following:


‘2 hours in a day (P6)’ ‘2 hours (P11)’ ‘1-2 hours in a day (P5)’

On the other hand, 9 of the parents check the internet of their children use by him/her, 5 of the parents declare that they do not check the intermet. Original answers related to that question are in the following:

‘Yes, we use some filters (P12)’. ‘No. We only check the time (P13).’ ‘Yes, there can be inappropriate content (P3)    

‘Do the parents initiate YouTube to their children by them? 4 different answers were revealed to that question? 4 different questions appeared. 4 of the parents said that they introduced computer and smartphones to their children, 4 of the parents accustomed their children because of the impact of environment, 4 of the parents introduce internet to their children to amuse them or feed them, 1 of the parents specified that they initiated the internet as a role model.

Some of the original answers of the parents related to that question are in the following:


‘Yes. Parents who give smart phones even to their babies have accustomed their children at an early age’ (P15) ‘Yes, certainly in order to amuse children (P7). ‘To make them watch cartoon films and smilar applications (P9). ‘Tablets and clever phones nurse our children. We begin to initiate them to make them listen to digital lullabies (P16).


‘What YouTuber means’ was asked to the parents. Most of the parents consider as % 83,33 unnecessary, people shoot videos in vain. Some of the parents’ answers are in the following:

‘Social-amusument platform (P1) ‘ ‘ People shoot videos for YouTube (P3) ‘ I think it is really unnecessary. It will be productive if they read books instead of engaging with them (P2)’

‘I believe it is an unnecessary chatterer platform that distracts our children. (P7) ‘ I think it is unnecessary and boring. It is an easy way to earn money (P9) ‘ Unnecessary, side effect of popular culture (P13) ‘YouTubers are of no earthly use (P15)

What kind of behaviour changes of their children occurred after watching YouTuber videos? was asked to the parents and 2 parents answered that there was a change related to their children’s vocabulary, 2 parents specicified that their children became addicted, 2 parents determined that they became asocial, 1 parent said that his/her attitudes changed, 1 parent said that her daughter started to get interested in makeup.

It is emphasized that recently children have spent too much time on YouTube, most of the produced contents of YouTube have been oriented for female children and also most of them are related to makeup. (Soner, 2016).

Answers related to this opinion are in the following:

‘She started to get interested in makeup since she usually watched makeup videos (P5).’  ‘people shoot videos on YouTube (P3) ‘ Unnecessary, chatterers distract our children (P7) ‘ ‘Their words have started to change, we cannot understand their vocabulary. We haven’t heard before (P8)’

The reasons of the popularity of YouTubers among children are for 5 parents they distract their children attention, according to 4 parents YouTubers produce attractive contents that audiences like, 2 parents think that the impact of the popular generation, other 2 parents think that it is the necessity of the time.

 The reason of popularity of YouTubers among children as the question was asked to the parents. Parents’ original answers are in the following:

‘Age, internet age P1’ ‘As they present children’s interests or likes (P2)’ ‘As children cannot read books in order to obtain culture and knowledge because of internet, YouTubers’ activities are attractive for them (P13)’ ‘As they make videos that children enjoy and since they know children’s interests (P14)’ ‘They make videos about the subjects that distract children’s attention, games e.g. (P9)’ I consider it is today’s fashion, I hope it is temporal (P4).’



Negative/positive features of YouTubers in terms of parents question were asked to the parents. 11 parents think that Youtubers have negative impacts on their children, 5 parents consider that Youtubers have positive and negative impacts on their children.

Some parents think YouTubers have negative impacts on their children. You can find their expressions in the following:

‘Unnecessary, they cause our children to become wannabe, they represent a negative sample (P2) ‘I feel disturbed by being a witness that my children has become the part for the order of the day and also our childten take them as a role model (P4)’ ‘positive side of them does not exist, it is a loss of time. (P6) ‘it has not got any positive features, however, negative features are innumerable (P7)’


3- Result and Discussion     


At the end of the survey, obtained findings show that most of the students in secondary school spend more than one hour everyday on social media. Only 2 students use social media for one hour a day.

According to Soner (2016) In ‘The dangers seek children on YouTube’ called survey, children who come from school on weekdays use YouTube channels actively between 16.00 and 20.00. At the weekend, they watch video channels on the Ipad, smartphone and computer screens from 11.00 until 20.00. These channels settle in each square centimetre of our social life and they have a major role in child development. For this reason, if your children access the contents of videos on YouTube or similar platform, you should follow what they watch. You should observe if your children have been affected from the contents of videos when they watch. If the contents harm your children, you should interfere and exchange knowledge related to contents with your children (Soner, 2016).

In the survey, according to the obtained findings we have reached the result that % 62, 5 of the students use Instagram actively, % 37, 5 use YouTube actively. The survey reveals that % 37, 5 of YouTube followers watch this platform in order to enjoy. This survey shows parallelism with the obtained results at the other studies related to use of social media. For example, Çiçek (2018) at the‘’ YouTubers videos: who, where, when, how, why watches’’ called study; he realized a survey for what purposes people use social media.

As it is stated in the purpose of this project; it is seen that one of the most used social media networks as YouTube, and YouTubers that produce contents of videos have negative impacts on the children between 11 and 15 years old.  Findings reached that result mentioned in the previous sentence according to the realized interviews with the students and their parents. Also internet articles that were written by many authors show parallelism with that result. Alexander (2016) “Inside The Strange and Slightly Creepy World of “Surprise Egg” Videos”, Bridle (2017) “Something is Wrong On The Internet”, Maheshwari (2017) “On Youtube Kids, Startling Videos Slip Past Filters”. These researchers reveal that negative impacts on children in terms of psychological and attidues are observed after they watch these videos.  At the realized survey, most of the students declare that they watch these videos since they are enjoyable; however, the students’ real wish is that the videos should be authentic and give messages full of knowledge.

Parents declare that YouTubers shoot videos that contain wannabe, abusive and sexual speeches and in order to take more interest of children they release marginal contents, their purpose is to be popular.

Again, according to the obtained findings, parents specify that after children watch YouTubers as followers of them, there have been changes of the children’s attitudes and speeches, their vocabulary has broken down, as they frequently watch makeup videos, their interest towards make up has increased, after they watch game videos, they have become addicted to games, even their children have started to become asocial. According to Henden (2017); YouTubers have been role models for the new generation, and also have great impacts on children who seek their identity, they cause them to change their attitude to life, understanding of joy and the vocabulary they have used. Even children pretend YouTubers that they follow from their dressing style, the places they usually go to their vocabulary (the new trend of young people is to be able to become a YouTuber). So parents should lead their children to watch appropriate contents of videos on YouTube channels.

According to obtained data from findings, parents specify that they make their own children watch videos that attact their attention from tablets at an early age in order to amuse, silence them when they cry or feed them when they do not want to eat. So they introduce YouTube channels to their children at an early age. In fact, most of the children have been introduced videos before learning how to to write and read. In order to obliterate or decrease the negative impacts, it can be possible to prevent their children to reach videos whatever they want to follow by entegrating facial recognition software on smartphones to YouTube. YouTubers’ popularity has icreased as they shoot videos that children like or enjoy. According to parents, since YouTubers are unnecessarily wannabe, they isolate children from the real life and they cause them to become asocial



This survey can be conducted with an adults group who has already finalized identity seek in order to see to what extent they will be affected from YouTubers. At the same time, the impacts of Instagram as a social media that is seen as an alternative to YouTube application on students group at the age of 12-14 and we can observe the change of students’ attitudes because of Instagram.





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Annex 1:  Student data table


Code of the student

Use of frequency

What YouTube mean according to them?




The most used social media

What is the most watched channel for you?

Well, have you ever changed any of your choice because of this channel?


What is the key point in order to increase the amount of the

Subscribers on YouTube?



What would you do if YouTube does not exist?



Is the number of subscribers important?

Would you be


to work or to enjoy?





What kind of contents should YouTubers produce?




What would you do if you were a YouTuber?



What kinds of videos attract you?









An hour 3 days in a week



Amusement, knowledge and comedy




Nova Prast Back.

About Chernobil and ghosts

Happy, comic, excited




I would find another thing to do.

Yes, this is their work

If the numbers of subcribers increase, they will earn.

To enjoy, when I make a video, it is enjoyable to watch.


It would be better if they produce videos related to knowkedge



I would use most of the contents that exist, like knowledge,








I use 3

hours a day

It is a social media tool that people use to express themselves





I like it



Enes Batur.

He made an experiment

in one of his videos last year.


People should emphatize &

shoot  honest




I would

go on my daily life

No, since


use them

in order to express


In order to enjoy.

Informative & productive

I would try to correct











I use about

1-2 hours


Cyber environment

that people make videos about several subjects and share them

YouTube has got



they have got several challenging



Jeffree Star.



style has changed.

I believe that

different contents could be used in order to increase the numbers of subscribers.



My habits

could be changed. I would get more interested in my lessons.

I can be




Most of the people give importance

to the number of subscribers










and  be a


to be







One hour on the


I use 3


at the






While watching

The content

of  video,

I acquainted


listen to


it is an






I follow





I learn how to

cook pasta

owing to


I think

they can


the number

of subscribers

by content

of education

or amusing


Yes, I would not be able to

listen to

music. I


listen to music from YouTube


on the way.

The most


thing is




it should serve


To enjoy

If you

like it,

you should

do it.




It should’t be nonsense

content, it should be related with education

I would


 short and 










at certain intervals

It is

a platform that you can enjoy or

study your




Much more




I would like

to make

some videos



To make

videos that attract





Channels that have

more subscribers, are watched since they are liked


To enjoy




that attract


I would shoot my daily life.





On the



1 hour a day

At the


2-3 hours

I think

It is a very





The person  reacts everything


I did not pay

attention  his dressing style,


It is really



I believe

they should obey

trends and present


opinions to the



I would





 I think

It is not






is its






I will be










I would



I would learn


related to the places I have travelled & I

would make












I use




I think

It is rubbish

There are



I mostly



Neo & Soil

My political





They should

exaggerate the






in my








numbers of subscribers

are a lot

I would












I would ring the bell &







I use at the weekends 1-1,5 hours.

It supplies us to learn things that we do not know their answers.

Mostly I use YouTube.

The open sea videos ;

I learn many things that I am curios about in these videos.

They should take into consideration of people’s most common preferences.

I would do


Yes, since it supplies to motivate the channels.

To enjoy in order to fill in my free time.

They should produce videos give knowledge with logical contents

I would amuse people by shooting amusing videos.


related to





I use 1-2 hours a day.

There is no difference from social media ıt makes people addicted.My mind flows to it.

Instagram YouTube

Minds, my  consideration mentality has changed.

It should be sincere with people, fish something up out of something.

I wouldn’t be able to the summaries of matches.

Yes, it is important for money.

Experience is crucial.

To enjoy.

There should be authentic





I would do changeable contents that cannot be realized easily; they should’t be routinized.



of products




 I use 2 hours a day

Instagram since it attracts me

It does not make  any sense to me

The channel of Beyinn

My perspective has changed.

Approve peoples’ ideas

I would do nothing


To enjoy

Amusing the content of education,

I would make videos about space and scientific things




Each night

To get knowledge & to enjoy


Barış Özcan my thinking style, dressing style I used to know that 13 was an unlucky number but I’ve changed my idea about13

Make videos that everbody is fond of.

I learn my lessons from the videos in YouTube channel so if YouTube did not exist, I wouldn’t learn my lesson as well as now.

The number


subscribers is not important.

To enjoy

& to relieve

Everbody should make videos related to his/her field.

I would make videos that are related to scientific surveys.








3 or 4 hours

The platform that people have nice time.


Barış Ö opinion has changed about art & science.


To attract people by taking into consideration people’s likes according to their ages.

I would be more social, outgoing but now I am an

asocial person



To work.

They should address to each generation.

Game content.





I use so often 1-2 hours

To enjoy with unneccary videos and waste time in vain.



They haven’t got contents enough. They make videos about criticism


Things that attract people

I would engage with smartphone much less; lots of things about me would change

The number of subscribes is not important,the quality of videos is important

If people do not watch to enjoy, YouTubers would go bankrupt

To decrease the challenging videos.

I would produce videos about today’s agenda, political ideas.






Once in two days

It is an amusument tool.

Youtube is more amusing than others


Batuhan Büyükakkan

my game perspective has changed


To produce nice contents and affect them.

I would watch videos from internet platforms.


To enjoy.

Things that would be beneficial for our country.

I would shoot game videos.





1-2 hours a day

Youtube means enjoyment..

Youtube, when I feel upset, I enjoy.

Bangtan (bts) nothing has changed.


To produce nice contents

I would go on my daily life.

It is not important

To enjoy


contents that everybody gets interested in.

I would be a channel to initiate good attitudes into others.





2 hours a day

The place where millions people gather.


Berkcan Güven nothing has changed

I would begin that work from the start.

Nothing would change

It is not important

To enjoy

Videos that give knowledge

About knowledge & education





Annex-2: Parents Data Table


Parents code



Is the use of internet check realized by parents or not?

Do their parents introduce their children with YouTube at an early age?

What does YouTube mean for you?

What kind of changes did you observe on your children when they started to use YouTube?

What is the reason of popularity of YouTube among children?

What are the positive and negative features of YouTube in terms of families?



1 hour a day


No, they may find on their own.

The channel of social  & amusement platform

Any change hasn’t been observed.

Age, internet age



I have no idea.




On the weekdays only 3 days for 30 minutes





Yes,when they were at an early age we made them engage withYouTube to watch cartoons or other videos that attracted

their attention to enjoy them.

I find it so unnecessary .Children should read books to be much more productive instead of busying themselves with these.

I observe that they imitate their speech way, some attitudes and dressing style.

As they release videos that they like or the subjects that take their attention.


It is a negative sample that they become unnecessarily  wannabe






Everyday 1-2


Yes, unsuitable contents may exist on internet

Yes, parents hand over smart phones to their children to make them not to cry & to make them slience.

People who shoot videos on YouTube.

I haven’t observed any changes.

They play videos that my child is really fond of.

Its positive side is entertaining children, its negative side is addiction.




About 1 hour a day


No, we did not however they reach internet somehow.

I think we do not have the right to check how our children use the internet everyday; however, sometimes we can have a look.

My child does not watch them however he knows these videos in some way.

I consider it is today’s fashion; I hope it is temporary.




I feel disturbed to see them as the part of today’s agenda, I feel much more disturbed when they take them as a role model.






1-2 hours a day


No, they have been affected by their friends.

If the contents of the channel contain useful information, I am not against them, but I think for all of them is not available.



As she watches videos related to makeup, she begins to get interested in makeup.



As they mostly shoot so attractive and gripping videos.




Its positive side is that you can reach up-to date information, its negative side is that it makes children addictive so their communication with their families gets spoiled.






He/she uses 2 hours a day.

Sometimes parents sometimes they are not.

Parents are children’s first role models so when they use Youtube, their children imitate them.

If they use accurately, they will be beneficial.

He/she has got an idea about most of the subjects so he/she begins to comment.



They act stupidly and they attract children’s attention.



They have not got any positive features, following them is only spending time in vain.





1-2 hours


Yes, certainly in order to enjoy children.



Unnecessary, they confuse children’s minds they are chatterboxes.

He/she does not watch frequently as he is not interested in


They cause children to be wannabe.



They have not got any positive features, negative sides are innumerable.







They are introduced with YouTube via internet at an early age.

It is harmful in terms of the process related to the children development.

The vocabulary they used has become unfamiliar for us.

As they are attractive and popular; most of the people follow them.



YouTubers shoot videos that contain wannabe, abusive and sexual speeches and in order to take more interest of children they release marginal contents to attract children.






They present videos, cartoons, similar applications to their children at an early age.

They are unnecessary and boring. It is very easy way to earn money.

Related to YouTubers’ game, they obtain game tactics from videos & they get much more addicted.

They handle so many subjects that attract children’s attention. Games e.g.

YouTubers will have both positive & negative impacts in terms of families related to the subject that is wondered.





Everyday one hour


Their friends introduce YouTubes to them.

Some of them have positive impacts on children.

However, others have negative impacts.

She/he gets more engaged with smartphones and she/he spends less time with his/her friends.

Enjoyable people

Positive; it can sophisticate and give experience and a new perspective as witty humor to children negative; children spend too much time on smartphones so they become asocial.




2 hours


We didn’t show them I think they learned on their own.

Sometimes they give knowledge.

I haven’t observed any change.

As they have got contents of   knowledgeable  & they amuse children.

They can initiate negative samples into children.






They would like to use internet on any occasion.

Yes, we use some filters.

Yes, as an example while parents are trying to feed their children, they make them watch cartoon film.

Most of them try unnecessaey & nonsense videos.




Some of the YouTubes make children unnecessarily addicted; our child slowly is losing his/her interest towards us and environment.


They try to be popular by making & releasing marginal things in order to attract children’s attention.

If YouTubers handle subjects that have good works and attitudes, they can be useful but if not, they cannot be useful.







Very frequently

No, we only check the duration.

No, they learn from each other.



Unnecessary, side effect of popular culture

As YouTubers are uneducated, uncultured, the reflection of them is not nice

As children cannot read enough books, they cannot obtain culture & knowledge, YouTubers and its activities become attractive for them.


Completetly they are negative. As they are uneducated & uncultural people, young generation takes them as a role model, this situation is very worrisome..




2 hours

It is not so much controlled.


No, their friends.


Unnecessary &spending  spare time  platform



He/she begins to identify some technological appliances mucgh better.

Since YouTubers know the subjects that students like, they shoot videos about these subjects.

They inform children about different subjects, but they make children addicted to computers.




2 hours


Parents introduce first smart phones to their children latter internet.

They are users who are not beneficial for the society.

His/her attitudes has changed

As they like YouTube videos.

I don’t like our children to follow YouTubers, YouTubers isolate our children from real world..



2 hours a day

Yes, it is under the partners’ control.

Tablets and smartphones nurse to our children.

YouTubers are the people who are unnecessary, commercial and popular; they emerge because of impact of culture.

I felt his/her vocabulary change in a bad way and gradually she/he begins to look alike the hero/heroine in YouTube videos

As they are enjoyable videos.

As negative side of YouTubers when danger emerges, they get revealed. There are cacology.