Self-image online

When? 6 to 24 February

We all have a social media account, read magazines, watch TV or see adverts outside. In all of these fields we are shown images of “perfect” people, and sometimes we even wish that we could be like them. But what conscious or even unconscious impact do you think this idea of the “perfect” person has on people? Does it make you feel good about yourself? Does it make you feel bad because you don’t look like that person or haven’t achieved what that person has?

A lot of young people have low self-esteem which is often a reflection of their self image. Sometimes they feel it is related to their physique or even their lifestyle among other things. But what is the exact reason for this? Why is there this social stereotype of the “perfect” person? But more importantly, to what extent does the self image of young people depend on others? Does yours? Or are there differences? In this activity we explore the differences between what we perceive as “perfect” if that exists, and what society thinks.

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