A Poem on Digital Implants

Jasmin, Anastasia and Patrik from Hertha-Firnberg-Schools in Austria decided to call attention to Digital Implants in an unusual way: they wrote a poem!

The objective of the poem is the sensitization of society for the dangers digital implants may have in the future.

For animals, especially for dogs, it is common practice to implant RFID
(Radion Frequency Identification) chips, in order to easily identify them when getting lost.

Humans use implants (in the size of rice grains) for an “easy” way to open car, house or office-doors, for e-banking, to access the mobile or to provide medical data in case of emergency. These chips are not too expensive and can even be implemented in a piercing-studio. But do we really want a future like that? Is surveillance the consequence of this form of convenience? These are the questions the YP rise in their focussed poem, which invites to reflection on this issue.


Roses are red,

implants are small,

we don’t know whether they’re

good at all.

What does the future hold,

Are we just being controlled?

Is surveillance the only goal?

Are we selling our soul?

Only the future will tell,


©  canstock photo