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Doğa Schools is a chain of private schools, with 104 campuses all over Turkey; it also manages 2 campuses in Cyprus and a Doğa College in Canada. Overall, the chain employs 7,500 members of staff, looking after 75,000 students. Doğa Schools aims to promote pupils’ competencies to educate well educated, active, creative and responsible individuals. The teaching staff and the management of the institution are actively engaged in developing and implementing innovative teaching concepts. Among these concepts, two are of major importance for the pupil’s development: Natural Learning Concept (NLC) is a primary school education model based on applied farming and training in a natural setting, focusing more on practice than theory. MBA for teenagers (t-MBA) is an international education model engaging high school pupils of Doğa Schools and other participating schools from around the world. The vision of the t-MBA Model is to create a platform for teachers, students, professionals, parents and anyone interested in t-MBA to share ideas, projects, and to widen their global knowledge. NLC and t-MBA complement each other, since pupils are first equipped with skills such as critical thinking, self-confidence, self-reliance and then are able to develop entrepreneurial skills such as goal setting, team-building and willingness to learn.



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