PYE Global

PYE Global (Partners for Youth Empowerment) is an international organization, registered charity in the US and a UK Charity. Our mission is to unleash the power, purpose, and potential of young people worldwide. We do this by empowering teachers, youth workers, and other leaders to build supportive Creative Communities that change lives.

Around the globe, PYE work with local partners to empower young people by awakening their innate creativity. Our goal is to nurture the crucial life skills and confidence required to meet the challenges of school, work and our shared world. Based on our Creative Community Model, PYE offers proven facilitation training directly to the people who teach, mentor and support youth.
In 2016, PYE together with 34 partners trained over 4,100 practitioners in 14 countries. As a result, 238,000 youth were impacted through our methodology, and we reached 2,100 youth through camps that used the same model.

We regularly engage with over 15,000 practitioners through PYE‘s online International Learning Network where facilitators connect, share and learn about youth empowerment.



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