Launching the TAU Summer Youth University 2019

The Summer Youth University operates at Tel Aviv university’s School of Education. About 50 high school students, mainly from Israel’s geographical periphery, enjoy during 7 weeks a variety of educational, social and cultural activities, including lectures, workshops, tours, art shows and more. This is a second year in a row that the main focus of these activities is the WYRED Project.

The program was launched on 1/7/2019.

An introduction to the WYRED projects was given by Ms. Anat Zuta, Project Coordinator at the Unit for Science Oriented Youth at TAU, and by Dr. Tal Soffer.

A motivational video was shown, specially produced for the program. It included “a message from the future” from an imaginary student from the class of 2030, describing a pessimistic scenario and thereby calling for action by the present young people to shape a better future.

Later, Dr. Aharon Hauptman lectured about emerging technologies and potentially surprising future socio-technological developments related to the digital society. The students responded with great interest. In the next meetings, they will select specific topics and, working in groups, will carry out several WYRED-oriented projects.

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