Young people’s opinion about Influencers

First of all, I would like to start saying: “What does it mean being an influencer”?

An influencer is a person, subject that, with a relevant audience, can influence the choices of the people in some specific areas.

Now I want to speak about this topic deeper: “Which roles the influence have in the young people’s lives”? From birth, the young people need to be guided and, when their parents stop being a landmark, young people try to blend with people of the same age, they look for someone or something where amalgamate. Influencers have different relationships with their communities, mostly with young people. Fondness, friendship and closeness are just a few of the feelings and words used by young people to describe their bond with these celebrities.

The link created between them is more powerful than Television. For instance, YouTube’s influencers (not only) talk from their room, from their private space, without any kind of interdiction, and just this makes the direct communication real and fair like in the normal life. Young people identify themselves in these tools, through fan pages, Instagram stories, letting the community stay at the same pitch of the influencer, destroying the barrier between online-offline. A lot of young people say that some important friendships grew up from Social network.

But how can we label them? Like idols or manipulators?

Influencers seem they live in a different sphere from our, like superiority level, wonder life (logically, depends on a case by case). As I said they transmit beauty, perfection, fame and goods trade, creating in young people’s life, aside the feeling described above, also insecurity, inferiority and depression. Influencers are just the spike of the iceberg, seeing as this phenomenon is spread in all the Social Media.

Alberto Antonacci