To be able to empathize is to put ourselves in front of someone to understand another person or people. The sense of empathy is a key element in social understanding and the transition from individualism to socialization. In the education system, 9th grade and 10th-grade students are shifting from the environment of selfish and competitive environment because of being the transition group to the changing exam process. In order to define social values, the importance of understanding each other and empathy has been determined in our society which contains different cultures and values. Living conditions, technological developments, increasing social interactions and differentiating perspectives, especially those that are in the process of forming an identity, negatively affect the life of the society. All these changes and the question us Who am I? It is observed that the groups that we refer to as peers or peers are struggling to race rather than understand each other and understand each other. As a result of the research carried out for this purpose, in the first phase of the education, the empathy course was intensified in the 9th and 10th graders during the 9th and 10th class period. It has been determined that generations of selfish emotions will affect the development of their perspective on differences.