With Technology Standing Against The Sense of Time

As time goes by the world, environmental conditions and so on. change. People adapt to this change to develop events or issues under their control and make use of changes over time. These changes develop and are passed from generation to generation. Thus, consecutive, but very different generations occur. For example technology; people, add technology to their lives or to facilitate existing conditions they develop and use in many different ways in almost every aspect of life. Over time areas of use are different from the first. These two periods and between, two or more 2nd more generations. Each generation used the same thing in different ways and the next generation. As technology evolves, people face the same issue problems vary. Some have a solution to some of them. For example: in ancient times to wash clothes for the people of a generation who have lived; stream water dirty stream muddy problems such as. But at the present time problems with washing people for a living; disconnection of the washing machine degradation and so on. like this. In short, technology is the lead role in the intergenerational conflict. Different technology to ensure that it does not affect the differences between the people of generations. a tool that facilitates life in many ways; should not use in any other way.