The refugees problem and the future

The students of Tel Aviv Summer University took a tour to the south of Tel Aviv city – where a lot of disadvantaged communities live. They learned about problems of the refugee', the newcomers to the neighborhood, and of the host population. Using the future wheel method, which they have practiced while being led by Dr. Tal Soffer, head of the unit for technology and society foresight (TSF) at Tel Aviv University, they tried to understand what would be the expression of the problem in the future.

The discussion started with the understanding that developments in transportation have led to a situation in which migration is sometimes easier, and the developments in communications and consumerism have led to raising awareness among populations to the gap between them and the developed countries. All of these are increasing the desire to emigrate. Then, they wrote the headline "Refugees – The Young Generation", and the arrows from the headline point to the words "Poverty", "Connection to Israelis", "Crime", "Overcrowding", "Employment" and "Education". The word "Overcrowding" was associated with the word "Higher Education" (in the context of innovative housing solutions) and the word "Employment" was linked to the words "Robots" and "Unemployment". Then, they figured out that the solution is education, so they had written the word "Education" and the arrows pointed to the words: "Budget," "Socialization", "Language", "Computer Science", "Motivation", "Exact sciences". They also examined various aspects of the question of socialization.