Segregation versus understanding

Like some of their colleagues, the members of this team (young high school students, who came to Tel Aviv university in order to take the summer semester), also chose to deal with the idea of “The 4 Israeli tribes” – the four main cultural groups that Israel is disintegrating into: the ultra-Orthodox Jews, the national religious Jewish sector, the Arab sector and the secular Jewish sector. The young students came from different sectors, from cities and villages in the social and geographic periphery of Israel.

Trying to find a way to deliver the message that “we are different but we are also the same”, the students wanted to figure out what are the various implications of this issue, nowadays and in the future.

They have used a future wheel to analyze the different aspects of the segregation between Arabs and Jews.

The future wheel of the group expresses their will to focus on education, thus you can see that they wrote “The 4 Israeli Tribes” and the word was connecting the phrase to “education”. Then, they wrote the branches: Different agenda, teachers, awareness, language, knowledge about the other’s culture, and segregation.

They also wrote their initial idea about creating an app that is aiming to encourage informal meetings between sectors, based on common interests.