Inclusion and gender

The students of The Summer Youth University were taking the summer semester during very interesting days; the LGBT community was protesting - demanding equal surrogacy rights for gay men. Tens of thousands of men and women came to Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to protest and back the community – and the issue became prominent in Israeli society.  The young students felt the need to talk about inclusion. The main themes of the discussion:

Questions: What will the future look like, from social and the technological perspective?
How will we experience the gender and inclusion problem in our future?
How will our ideas solve this problem in the future? Things to think about:  

Raising awareness by using TV and internet series and content.
Campaign that must "conquer the hearts of the people"
Education and inclusion
Why are we being indoctrinated to use stereotypes from an early age?
Mass media representation
Surrogacy rights – what is the meaning and why does it matter
Breaking the social stigmas Why are certain names fitting only to one gender