What are your questions for European election candidates?

It has become clear in discussions that there are many core fundamentals: education, digital technology and climate change.  

Expanding the concept, what can be said that education in Europe is of equally high quality and inclusiveness? 

In the first instance about the Education area and regarding the Bologna Follow-Up process where do you see further possibilities of improvement and enhanced cooperation? How do you promote academic freedom and the recognition of teaching in higher education and research?

Digital technology has become an integral part of daily life for shopping, work, media consumption and is continuing to encroach itself upon the physical world with the development of the Internet. Less well-known, however, are digital initiatives in democracy, so in a rapidly changing world of work where increasing smart technology, artificial intelligence, algorithms rule people’s lives and society as a whole, and where the call for digital skills and media literacy is increasing, which role do you attribute to education and teachers as well as education trade unions?

Another central issue I really care about is immigration. Especially in a border-country like Italy, this problem has a very particular feeling.

How is Europe dealing with the increasing number of refugees and migrants?

The problem of Europe related to migration issues will be decisive respectively to the perception of this “migrant invasion” that many European states have.

Is there a lack of sanctions against the defaulters of the migrant redistribution system and is it a dangerous element for European unity?

Mario Panzarella