Our goal as teachers is to bring a good individual to society.

My name is Umut DURMAZ. I am an English teacher at British English language course. I have been teaching English for one year. I have worked as an actor and a musician, too. I am interested in foreign cultures.

Gender is an important social category that forms social agreements for the individual and includes characteristics and expectations.

Gender discrimination is defined as lack of basic services for women in society, experiencing unequal conditions in terms of having opportunities and resources compared to men, being subjected to violence, being represented at low rates in politics and working life.

Gender discrimination occurs in many places and ways, from family life to education, from social life to work life. Gender discrimination in the education system arises in the form of a lack of educational opportunities for individuals due to their gender.

In the past, while male children were educated and employed as a social value, a training system was established that encouraged girls to stay at home and take care of housework. In this respect, men have been able to receive better and longer education than girls.

Today, it is stated that direct discrimination between male and female students has been significantly eliminated in the education system. For example, girls are directed to their choice in higher education through gender roles. In this context, professions such as teaching and nursing, which are defined as women’s professions in higher education, are emphasized and technical departments such as information technology and electronics engineering are less oriented. Our goal as teachers is to bring a good individual to society. In this case, I think it is our duty to show the society that all individuals have equal rights under the title of Education. The biggest need to show this situation to society is to eliminate gender discrimination in various areas. Since the society we live in is a patriarchal society, women face categorization, especially in the field of profession. For example, as mentioned above, professions such as teaching and nursing were called Women’s jobs. At the same time, occupational environments in technical fields were not organized according to women or women were confronted with the reaction of the patriarchal society. As teachers, we play one of the most important roles in rescuing women from all the discrimination that patriarchal society has brought. The gender of an individual should not be a determining factor in his / her profession, his / her clothing, his / her thoughts, or even in any way. I think it is our duty to change the way our society looks at women and to bring women into society.