A glimpse to my observation – feelings and thoughts

sing for the fanHi, my Name is Noga. I am 10 years old. When I was asked to write about my impressions while I was watching an “influencer” on the Instagram, I chose to wrote about Noa Kirel (a famous singer here in Israel).

My first impressions, before the report, were that she is very beautiful, but she does not show her inner character. So I, as a fan, didn’t know what to think about it. All the fans love her because she is such a famous singer, but in my opinion a real singer is someone who has poetry in the soul (enough said…).

So firstly, I was not sure what I think about her. She has a great voice, but it doesn’t look like singing is in her soul. Then I saw her page – the pictures in her Instagram account are pretty good, but their quality isn’t very high – at least, not all of them 👍. I saw that she has many fan pages, which shows that her fans love her ❤: Noa also has 674K followers, which is almost a million! It shows the amount of love Noa is getting 💘.  In addition, she never was showing off her money or her big success on the page. She only thanks her followers and her fans (even those who do not follow her). Now I feel that she is really awesome and after watching her page, I also feel that she is really good singer with a good soul ☺.

In conclusion, I believe that Noa can get more famous than she is now. I believe she will succeed in life and not just because she is beautiful and famous, but because of her voice and her soul.