Anti-bullying strategy of the pupils of the Centre for Inclusive Schools

Anti-Bullying strategyWe, the students at ZIS don’t want bullying at our school because we want to be happy and not sad. We want to live well with each other and to work for the weak. We want to prevent bullying right from the start and help if it does happen.

This is bullying

Bullying at school means harassing, being mean, annoying, attacking and harassing students, which takes place frequently and over a longer period of time. However, a single incident can also be described as bullying if it is very serious.
This can mean that a student is insulted or denigrated by others, threatened, scolded or even beaten. But it can also mean that the victim is excluded from other people’s activities. Especially bad is cyberbullying because the Internet is always available and hate posts can be sent by anyone.

We do not want that!

Internet SecurityBecause the victims of bullying are sad, helpless, lonely, experience a feeling of senselessness and are afraid to come to school. Nobody wants that from us and that’s why we don’t want to become perpetrators or followers. We also don’t just want to watch.

That’s what we want!

We want to help, we say “Stop it” and we ask for the reason. We know that we can always call 147 – advice on wire. We want to adhere to the rule “No violence in the CIS“. We want to work together on the solution and therefore need the support of the teachers and the director. We would like to have a person of trust whom we can always address.