Nobody is perfect

Nobody is perfectThe core message of WYRED participants during the fortnight about self-image online was “Nobody is perfect”.

Young people and children argue that people should define perfection by themselves.

There is some ambivalence in regard to the role models the media and the internet presents. On the one hand, they reflect on the massive pressure arising from the physical ideals shown there, often even leading to mental health problems. On the other hand, stories from “normal” people who take over the roles of real game-changing idols, not at all in regard to bodily perfection, but on an inspiring ethic, social, and value generating level.

It is our own choice, how much importance we give to the idealized perfection standards and how far we go to reach them. Young people and children plea for an understanding of the term “perfect” as feeling good with their body and mind and their achievements as they are. They tell us, that the term should not have a specific, single and restrictive definition, but just an individual one and to have a good life, it must be us who define its meaning for ourselves.

The fortnight is closed now and we thank all the participants for their fruitful discussions.

We will continue the international conversations (

We will return to the Self Image subject from June 13th to 26th: let us think about ways in which it is possible to live our own perfect image.