Values and technology have a power that affects society. Both society and people influence each other in terms of technology and values. The correlation between technology and values in this process of influencing and influencing can be positive and sometimes negative, depending on living conditions and internalization of values in these conditions. It is necessary to strengthen the relationship of technology to values and turn it into positive. The method of this is that it is possible not to think of technology independently of values. Because, together with the developing technology society, people tend to turn towards a structure that is deprived of their value. The solution of this seems to be possible through the construction of a society based on the relationship between values and technology. Society uses technological arguments based on communication, ie TV, telephone, social media, internet, etc. not use all of the tools away from their values; on the contrary, combining technological knowledge with benevolence, tolerance, and love; it should serve to lead a life that is intertwined with society. Moral values are important for the survival, peace, and health of society. In a society where values are lost, it may not be possible to mention that the progress of communicative technological arguments has a value. Many of the values can be abandoned in order to adapt to the developing technology in society. In short, the ways in which some people use communicative technological arguments can either be free from their values or completely independent of these arguments. The desired situation is not the relationship between rupture and divergence.