Turks have the power of a supernatural connotation that deeply affects human beings. Turks are the most genuine stones of free, peace, love and tolerance, which are united with the Anatolian peoples. The heart of the Turkish people is the multiplier. All the elements in the locals are native; What one more is missing one. The folk songs which do not tend to surf and art are the most beautiful products describing the existence of people. They contain elements of their lives and thoughts. Dır Woman parç is the most important part of Turkish society since Central Asia. Both the fertility and the constructiveness of the man was sitting next to the continuity of the line. In this study, one of the most important of the literary genres motif folk songs kullanıl handled by taking the songs of the Bursa region and the motifs used in these songs women were asked to be highlighted. After searching the literature, the folk songs of Bursa region were analyzed by considering the subtleties of folk songs. Especially the ön woman ılmış traces are highlighted in this analysis. In the analysis, it is determined that m women are always present in the folk songs of the Bursa region. In addition, this kind of studies put the Turkish nation belonging to the foreground.