The changes about the names of female characters in Turkish novels and stories between 1830-1960

The concept of women expresses great meanings for Turkish society. The largest of these meanings and the highest is the mother. The woman is sacred and indispensable for the Turks since their first existence. This indispensability not only in real life but also in the literature which is a mirror of real life has manifested. So much so that women became a part of the story, novel, and poetry of art; has been declared as the goddess inspiring the artist. Our aim is to realize the Project. All this time between 1830 and 1960, writers preferred to give life to these wome to identify the names and preferred forms of these names. Our curiosity is in any ritual whether the results of the investigation to determine whether or not they are spontaneous or systematic. It is to learn. For example, when the author X is given the name of the female character in the book, is Y affected by the author? Either the name that gives the name to mark the period, is inspired by someone influencing individuals?  As a result of our efforts, we could find answers to all the questions we were looking for.