Today since children come across technological appliances like tablets, mobile phones, computer in early age they have serious negative impacts related to physical, psychological and social problems besides values. If children busy themselves with these technological tools for a long time, they become unhappy, impatient, aggressive, intolerable, and ill-tempered.

. Knitting as one of traditional handcrafts was realized practically with the chosen 5th grade students in order to bring to light our human values that are passing into oblivion. Since knitting has really many positive impacts on people. Children who are knitting feel happy, peaceful, calm and relieved; besides during and after knitting activity their concentration level increases and they feel proud, also they become mutually more tolerable and sensible so their valuable attitudes as it has been emphasized above develop. Students also produce two kinds of products as scarves, pencil boxes with this activity. They felt proud and enjoyed via presenting these products that they produced as hand work to their friends from other classes so they internalized the amazing feeling of giving a gift to someone as one of our marvelous values.  

We believe if we initiate these kinds of projects to be implemented in our schools, we will be able to succeed to make our students distract serious negative impacts of technology on children so we can enrich our students with crucial values all over.