WYRED for “Brave New You”

From 22nd of June to 2nd of July 2018, 60 young people from 11 countries met in Portugal thanks to the 37th YEU Convention. The occasion was “Brave New You – BNY” process, which was held in 2 different venues in Portugal. The process itself focused on tackling narratives and creating counter ones.

Young participants had the chance to go through WYRED project and the platform which they will use to realize their work online. The topics set during the process are various.

Some tackle Roma, LGBTQI+ communities and as set by the young people through the “Brave New You process” the results will be linked to Narratives online and what recommendations are there to make a more inclusive and diverse digital society.

Interesting enough, this process linked the two Cycles of WYRED, as the platform and process was presented by young people which applied their research during the first Cycle.

Ioanna and Giulia, previous participants, shared their interest to present the process, as they felt that these projects can really engage young people and actually have a higher impact, sharing ideas and feelings of young people”. Building up on their engagement and personal development, both of them will be engaged as facilitators of the online communities liked to “Brave New You.”

As participants departed from Portugal, the process will now move online, inside the WYRED platform. A set of Communities has already been created, bringing these young people from different European countries together. At this point, we are looking forward for their process to start and to use their research results to build a stronger youth-oriented dialogue with stakeholders.