Ready for EYE2018

The WYRED team (from Brussels, Spain, Austria and Turkey) at the entrance of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, ready to attend the opening ceremony of EYE 2018.

Under the motto “The plan is to fan this spark into a flame.” (Hamilton, My Shot), 8,000 young people from all over Europe meet in Strasbourg to come up with ideas for the future of Europe and discuss with European decision makers.

WYRED participates in the event through two sessions:

Friday, 1 June, 15:00 – 16:30: The digital revolution continues: what will be the next steps?
Workshop at Yo!Fest Village

Young people have been navigating the digital society from an early age and technology has always played a prominent role in their lives. As such, their voices should be represented in discussions on how this society should evolve. What do you think are the most important changes we need to implement in the future? How do you envision the ideal digital society? Join us to discuss with other young people, design your own plan and become an active participant in the digital revolution!

Saturday, 2 June, 14:00-15:00: Growing up in a digital society: What matters most to young people?
Event at the European Parliament (with the participation of  MEPs – Ms Terry Reintke and Mr Brando Benifei, YFJ – Ms Mari Strømsvåg, YEU – Matej Manevski)
Today’s young people have grown up in a digital world, but they rarely get a say on what matters most in our digital society and what our priorities should be. Their world has been shaped, and is still being shaped, by others. Instead of being seen as passive objects of others’ decisions, young people should be fully included in conversations on their own future. What do you think is the most important issue in our digital society? Join this discussion with experts and policy-makers and come up with solutions to these issues together.

 At the end of the dialogue with the MPEs, Vera, Guillermo and Manuel, three young students from Spain, will present their short film “The face of society”, developed as a research project in WYRED. The video is an invitation to reflect on the effects of globalization, excessive consumption and technology in the creation of undifferentiated young people without their own identity, which reflect the face of society, and not their own.

Special thanks to all the YEU team, our WYRED partner, who made this experience possible.

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