WYRED Stakeholder Questionnaire

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The young have a key role to play in our society. They are frequently the drivers of new behaviours and understandings, and since they are part of the future society their views and perceptions should be taken into account. However, they are not well represented and their voices are unheard, and this makes it hard for research and policy to identify and understand their needs.

WYRED will create a framework for dialogue and research in which children and young people can express and explore the key issues that they see as important.  The aim is to give young people a voice and provide platform from which they can communicate their perspectives to others. These others include teachers, parents, other young people and especially decision makers who can inform policy, particularly in relation to children and young people’s needs in relation to digital society.

One central aim of WYRED is to take into account the perspectives of a broad variety of stakeholders from the very start of the project. We therefore ask all our stakeholders to share with us, in this short questionnaire, their views on what is important for todays´ children and youth.

The questionnaire is available in the partner countries’ languages.
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