Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University (TAU) – Israel’s largest institution of higher learning – is home to over 30,000 students studying in nine faculties and over 125 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and the arts. It is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities, as well as the top 20 institutions in terms of scientific citations.

TAU participates in WYRED through the unit for Technology and Society Foresight (TSF) and through the School of Education. TSF (formerly ICTAF – the Interdisciplinary Centre for Technology Analysis and Forecasting) is a leader in technology foresight and policy-support research, assisting policy-makers to reach informed decisions based on technology’s role in society. The School of Education plays a key role in creating and nurturing knowledge relating to the education system, approximately 200 researchers employed in its research system. Research carried out at the School of Education has won recognition from educational policy-makers in Israel and from international institutions.



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