The Addiction Of The Smartphone

We are surrounded with many improved technological products in order to ease our life. While humankind could sustain his life without these products centuries ago, each product has become a need and a provision of modern life. Even though technology paves the way of our life, it leads us to addiction while doing so. Cell phones are indispensable technological devices today. The cell phone that is called as smartphone with the improving technology apart from supplying our communication in all distances, it has a wide variety of functions.

Experts put forward an idea that smartphones have been misused related to their real purposes, so human relationships have been disrupted. In our project named ’’, Silly addicted people of smartphones’’ we aim to examine the impacts of smartphones on our relationships, our addiction level and in what way they cover in our pace of life.


While gathering the data, we examined the sources we obtained, all the subheadings related to the literature on this subject via the internet. We touched on native experts’ works regarding to the analysed subjects. In order to learn the degree of people’s addiction to these instruments, their relations with them, the reason for their needs to these appliances, we developed a questionnaire with 25 questions. At the end of the surveys, the applied questionnaires, we have determined that we have been addicted to the clever phones as the drug addicted people. We have led to the conclusion in our survey that in any period of time; the people, who have continued to use smart technology, unfortunately, have consumed themselves slowly without being aware of this process. Related to people’s especially children’s & young people’s unhealthy behaviors, the lack of ‘’ Universal values’’ is the most important factor. In this sense, if it is wished to have future generations with sensible and universal values; each mass media, education-training curriculum, public education, public institutions and organizations that present courses & training to the public should be framed according to ‘’ UNIVERSAL VALUES’’ and based on a scientific information structure.