Fake or Real??

The children in Northern Ireland were really interested in finding out why people believe in Fake News. They designed a pictorial questionnaire which they distributed to four other classes in their schiool.  When they asked whether people could tell the difference between real and fake news, this is what they found out.
75% said they could
25% said they couldn’t When they asked people did they think fake news causes harm, 85% said Yes 15% said No FROM THE RESULTS PEOPLE KNEW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAKE NEWS 60% OF THE TIME. This is surprising because in question 1 in the questionnaire they asked people could they tell the  difference and 75% said they could and 25% said they couldn’t.     Interesting comments from some respondents: “I think fake news exists because people run out of real news.” “I think it could be a scam because it can worry people. Like when a news report claims there’s an earthquake and it’s not true- just to get money.” “Fake news exists so that the newspaper companies can make juicy stories and get more money, they often don’t care if it’s real or fake.” “Fake news exists because people make up fake news to gain popularity.” “Fake news exists so that companies can make money.”
To find out - Can people tell the difference between real and fake news?