Who are we electing? Building an online resource to allow for greater digital participation

In Dublin, an important community initiative was developed by the team at Dublin Inquirer to collect information about our local election candidates. First off, a survey was carried out to ask community members about their key concerns for their city. A team of volunteers was assembled and put these questions to all candidates. This information was shared and promoted both online through the DI website and offline publications. This process has allowed for a greater awareness among the voting public as to how candidates feel about key local issues and what types of commitments that they would make if elected. Peer pressure among candidates ensured that the vast majority of candidates engaged with us. This project demonstrates that when people consider that voting is an incredible and fundamental right that we are lucky to have, we need to make sure that we want to be as educated and informed as possible about how to ensure that when we vote for someone, we are going to take it as seriously as possible.

When we are ticking a box beside someone’s name, we want to know what they plan to do with the ground beneath our feet. We are incredibly privileged and it is important not to belittle an important opportunity like voting. 

Please check out this initiative here and let us know your thoughts. 


Increase awareness about elections
Engage with community about key concerns