Choosing a profession is important for people to live a happy life. Many factors come to the forefront in making career planning. Family, environment, material income, status, values, and goals affect the choice of profession. It will be beneficial for young people to discover their own talents and interests and to choose professions that they can be happy in the future. What is the choice of profession for young people, choice of profession should be done according to what they need to know about the professions that will survive and not to live in the future? Developing and changing life in the world also affects professions. As some professions have disappeared from the past to the present, some professions will not be in the future or will be replaced by other professions. As a result of research, we see that some professions are done by artificial intelligence and robots. Developments in science and technology show us that professions will change in 2050. We have worked on whether the professions to be selected by high school students will be in the future. While young people have knowledge about what professions will be in the future, it is determined that they do not have knowledge about whether the professions they choose will be in the future. At this point, it would be appropriate to have 2050 professional maps in our country. In addition, according to the changing and evolving needs of our education system, organizing courses and vocational guidance will be more healthy in this direction.