The Image of The Woman Redefined in Didem Madak’s Poems A mother, child, woman as a sorcerer

Women, literature is one of the most processed images. Besides, the authors and poets mostly male writer poets to transfer the female image from their eyes only caused. This is a perception of the image of a single woman has caused birth. The woman described with the eyes of the male is put in many different molds and what most of these patterns are very superficial in women’s place within the boundaries of the world of literature. This superficial perspective is a necessary condition. This situation, which is as old as the history of literature, is now in the life of qualified women writers-poets it is improved by taking place. She started telling another woman. This project is competent Didem Madak’s poems to illuminate the situation. This project focuses on the question of definition and representation of women in the world of literature. It focused. Representation of women in our literature is an important issue. But the mistakes are missing The majority. Didem Madak’s handling of the female image it will benefit the correction. Also, the poet’s strings are more realistic and it can offer a simple expression that an eye can offer. In this project, the image of women in the light of light was tried to be illuminated and examined.