The children of the refugees


The Students of the Tel Aviv Youth University – a project which enables periphery high-school students to take academic courses on the university – have explored the future society. Representing the young generation perspective, they pointed out dilemmas and issues that they’ll present as a challenge to the decision-makers, locally and globally.

The first phase was a journey of learning and researching various problems related to the current reality and the future of the Israeli society, through tours and lectures in a variety of subjects.

As part of the research, using a “futures wheel” method, the student assumed that robots would do the routine jobs and therefore there won’t be enough jobs left for migrants, who have inappropriate skills. Therefore, the children of the refugees should have the same education as the Israelis, otherwise they will be pushed into a life of poverty and even crime. Following these assumptions, the group chose to deal with the issue of education for refugee children.

During the second phase of the activity, the students received practical tools that enabled them to learn different ways to express their opinions, engage large audiences and reach decision makers like lectures about social activity, lobbying, media workshops and more.

With that knowledge on their mind, the young students wrote down a brief for their campaign: they explained the issue, its relevance to the future society, and the ways that they were willing to act.

 Then they started to film a short commercial to express their message. You can watch the result here: