School as it is.

At its birthplace

We have to face the problem that this place where we struggle does not need to be chased nor erased just changed. We have to face the fact that everything changes with time even though it’s not a crime, our system we climb, has not. And how do you want to make a change in the world, in the future when the base is still at its birthplace.

Where is Education an unhealthy station is what I see through sleepless nights and starving through days to nourish ourselves with masses of textbooks instead hydrate with information, no water so tomorrow I can put pen down it all and throw it all out once again now we can have a meltdown. Pay attention around because that is an illness that needs to be cured.

And no, we are not unfocused this all is just unspoken, look at the bigger picture can’t you see it’s broken?

Game over or Time out?

our worth, defined by grades behind all the shades, can’t you see we have to perform well every day yet under all the uniform, can’t you see we are bleeding regardless of it all yes, I will bring high performances daily I’ll try but trying is not enough when really what for?

Get my A levels and forget about the information I was fed for so many years because after all these dropped tears and anxiety attacks we finally did it, didn’t we? But what actually? surviving and living anxiously for several years questioning our intelligence brutally due grading system binge learning and forgotten answers. Yes, yes, we did it.

this play act need to drop it is a fact. Like we are in some sort of game trying to escape while desperately reaching for the top. Game over or Time out?

Face this case

Hope you see clearly now a change, is more than needed

Hope you see clearly now There needs to be more than just a degree and some wannabee teacher no more go to Yale or go to jail.

Hope you see clearly now In this case “less is more” should truly define this place we call school

May we can all exchange our knowledge and deepest experiences And may we can learn from that more than written textbooks

May we travel and learn more on airplanes than classrooms learn more on our way to a destination than our way to graduation My we travel and learn from eager successful people more than from science teachers.

May we share our favourite books and sink and find ourselves in them May we find peace in learning because learning is great, why do we make it hard? Because learning is important, and School is not.
Reflection on the educational system in form of a poem